Convenient Facilities of Central Library Were Transformed







The first floor and the first basement level of the Central Library lobby were remodeled after the renovation during the past summer vacation. On the first basement level, a high-class complex cultural space for students’ discussion, rest and also comfortable study was made. For example, study zone for group study or free learning and community zone where students take rest was built. Students can use luxurious facilities which have comfortable chairs, wide desk and also advanced aesthetic elements. As students’ dissatisfaction because of a lot of noise from outside, walls of glass are installed at the study zone and community zone. A newspaper stand disappeared because it takes up too much space. But, an electronic newspaper stand substitutes it. If claim for the newspaper stand grows, central library administrative office will consider it. Using rate of a interview room on the first floor is low. So, YU launched a coffee shop for providing a space for reading books over coffee to students. It is eager for students to use actively the new convenience at the Central Library.
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