Om Sang-moon, the Honorary Professor of Yeungnam University, suggests a new paradigm in the Textile Industry.







Title: Om Sang-moon, the Honorary Professor of Yeungnam University, suggests a new paradigm in the Textile Industry. (From. Power Korea) Om sang-moon, the honorary professor of Yeungnam University, announced that he developed a ‘Ceramic Fiber (Jewel Fiber)’ technique which can print the distinctive colors of the pottery and patterns on the fabric. Unlike the existing ceramic fiber technique, which called glass fiber (silicon carbide fiber), ceramic fiber technique mix some stones (jewel) and metallic minerals at a certain ratio, purify with high fever and make it to enamel and print on textile. It draws attention since it lead to graft of ‘nature’ and ‘science’. Clothes, shoes, bags, which are made by this technique, it can implement its own natural colors and patterns. Professor. Om said "Unlike existing fibers are limited to a one-dimensional color, it can express more natural look and represent more diverse and vibrant colors.” Also, he expressed the expectation by commenting that Korea is the developed country in the textile, so if we combine this technique in various types of fiber, it will bring one more step to evolution. Om sang-moon, who is the inventor and also an expert of ceramic art, develop ceramic fiber that analyses natural color generated from the flame structure by chemically and clothe the natural color through the research of glaze over the years. With this technique, Om suggests a new paradigm in the textile industry.   In the recent, Professor. Om is studying the way to combining the fibers in cellular phone case. When using a heart resistant and non-conducting case, it could help to block electromagnetic waves of the cellular phone, and could reduce the heat. Om Sang Moon -Hongik University, College of Fine Arts, Artistic Crafts (Pottery) Graduation (1970) -Hongik University Graduate School of Industrial Arts,  Artistic Crafts Industry(Ceramic) Graduation (1974) -National Laboratory (1971) -Professor at Yeungnam University, College of Design Arts,  Department of Consumer Product Design (1981~2012) -Dean at Yeungnam University, College of Fine Arts (2005) -Director at Yeungnam University Graduate School of Formative Arts (2005) -Current) Honorary Professor at Yeungnam University   Work Experiences: Private Exhibition (10 times) Exhibition (37 times) Invention Patent (2 times) & apply (7 times)
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