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YU Info Lounge Opened at the Yeungnam University Subway Station
YU Info Lounge opened at Yeungnam University subway station on March 12th. This lounge is the first one of its kind with
A Book was Published on YU’s Development
‘The Undisclosed Development History of Yeungnam University’ which includes information dating from the establishment of
Our University Held By-Elections
By-elections were held at YU on March 18th. The by-election to choose the student president and vice-president were held
Off-Campus, Domestic
Android Smart Phone Consumers Can Remove Unnecessary Basic Apps
Starting April, consumers of new smart phones will be launched with the ability to remove unnecessary basic apps. This i
The Insurance Industry Sets Up a New Insurance System
You can have Korean insurance from abroad starting April of 2014. Prior to this, people got insurance before leaving Kor
Off-Campus, Foreign
Increasing Tension between Russia and Ukraine
The Russian government said it will abolish current discount gas benefits provided to Ukraine, resulting in an increase
The Chinese Government Is Muzzling Public Opinion
Specialists at the Central Internet Security and Informatization Leading Group which influences Chinese Internet policie
Universities Are Forced to Lose Weight
Recently, after the government released university structural adjustment project, many people have feared that the project is killing regional universities by ranking universities. For universities lo
What Do Students Learn through Practical and Academic English Classes?
Many students strive to learn English in this global era where all things are changing fast. Hence YUassigned English communication courses as compulsory to highlight the importance of having goodEngl
How is Our Love, MODI Made?
Have you ever heard of the ‘Manicure Effect?’ In the continuing economic downturn, it is no exaggeration to say that the ‘lipstick effect’ that pleased consumers with its low cost, is now replaced wit
The Importance of Drinking Water
Many people have read the sentence, “You should drink lots of water.” However, most of people do notrealize the importance of drinking water. So they tend to think that all beverages are water. Due to
Saemaul Movement of Park Geun-hye Government
President Park Geun-hye has promoted a creative economy by succeeding Saemaul Movement which laid great stress on volunteership. Saemaul Movement is a hot potato on the budget debate of the national a
Is Restructuring of the College of Liberal Arts Really Necessary?
These days, the restructuring of the College of Liberal Arts is controversial issue at Yeungnam University. Therefore, m
Letter to the Editor
I saw The Observer in the library by chance. I already knew that there was an English newspaper at my university, but it
Book That Moves You
As a university student majoring in English literature, I have read numerous books.I also started to read various kinds
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