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Honorary doctorate commencement of Kim Su-han
Kim Su-han, who is a former chairman of the national assembly, had a law degree conferred to him by YU last April, 15th.
Environmental equipment Workers Strike for Their Rights
Environmental equipment workers who manage boilers, air conditionings and heatings on YU have decided to strike starting
YU Foreign Language Institute has a Foreign Language Counseling Room
YU Foreign Language Institute runs a foreign language counseling room for students. This program began formally this sem
Off-Campus, Domestic
It Is Limited for Financial Corporate Affiliates to Share Their Customers’ Information
Financial Supervisory Commission announced a follow-up measure to strengthen the security of private information on Marc
Online Shopping Mall System about Certificate Will Be Changed
In June, locals as well as foreigners without a bank certificate will not be able to buy things online using credit card
Off-Campus, Foreign
The Tougher Sanction on North Korea Is Under Deliberation
The United Nations Security Council banned North Korea from missile activity through resolution number 1718 and 1874 aft
The Chinese Government Is Muzzling Public Opinion
Specialists at the Central Internet Security and Informatization Leading Group which influences Chinese Internet policie
How Do We Improve Korean Sports?
In one month, the 2014 Brazil World Cup is going to be held. Korea is getting hotter as the World Cup is closer to start. However in Korea that excited fever is not going to last long. As some sports
The Course Registration Is in a Dilemma
University students have to pay a lot for tuition to enter into a university and study. However, despite this, they failed to register for courses, and couldn’t take the class they wanted, so special
We Want to Know How the Student Fee Has Been Used
YU students optionally pay 10,000 won of student fee as they register for the semester. It is written that students who pay the fee can be assigned lockers and participate in YU programs on tuition bi
RCEP VS TPP What Should Korea Choose?
To choose China or America, that is the question. Needless to say, Korea attaches great importance on trade; Korea has few natural resources. China and America are the top two countries in this matter
Part-Time Workers, Are We Sitting Ducks?
When you become a freshman, you want to have a part-time job at least once. Some students have the job to make money, but most university students think it is a social experience and challenge without
Is Restructuring of the College of Liberal Arts Really Necessary?
These days, the restructuring of the College of Liberal Arts is controversial issue at Yeungnam University. Therefore, m
Books And Movies that Move You
Wuthering Heights “Nelly, I am Heathcliff – He’s always, always in my mind – not as a pleasure, any more tha
Book That Moves You
As a university student majoring in English literature, I have read numerous books.I also started to read various kinds
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