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YU Global Saemaul Movement Moves One Step toward the World with IFAD
As a result of “Global Saemaul Movement,” YU is now proceeding to create a great sensation internationally. Various majo
The Institute of Clean Technology Was Selected as the Priority Research Laboratory
The Ministry of Education, including the government, is promoting for the development of all the universities in the cou
Shall We Eat Together?
The common greeting, “Let’s eat together sometime” means that dining is more than just eating a meal.




Cover Story
What Is Your Dream?
What is your dream? There are few college students who can answer this question easily. People tend to have many different types of dreams such as being a CEO, singer, chef, and astronaut when they we
Personal Media Is Here With You, You Know It?
For quite a few years, personal media also known as Social Networking Services (SNS) has been growing steadily in cyber space with websites like Facebook, AfreecaTV and Wordpress (blog) as they become
How About Going Abroad To Eat?
The saying that “a loaf of bread is better than the song of many birds” makes more sense while abroad. Without money and time, travel schedule of university students is filled with walking from mornin
On Campus News
College of Pharmacy Professors and Reunion Set Up a College Development Fund
Yeungnam University’s professors from the Graduate School of Clinical Pharmacy promised to raise its college development
Engineering College Student Association Supports Student Who Takes an Aptitude Test
YU’s Engineering College Student Association (ECSA) provided various convenient services to engineering college st
YU Internet Disk System Is Renewed
The Yeungnam University system management team improved the quality of the previous internet disk system that provides d
Prof. Seok Jul-gi Received the “2014 Journal Award” from IAS of IEEE
Seok Jul-gi, a YU electrical engineering professor was awarded the “2014 Journal Award” from the Industry Application So
The Best Regional Private University
YU took first place among 32 regional private universities at the 2014 university assessment which was operated by the J
1. This means the awareness of midterm ( ) evaluation is poor. (On Campus 1)2. When there is no featured article for the
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