On Campus
YU Got the Greatest Number of Government’s Support for the CK project
YU was selected by the Creative Korea (CK) project which promotes regional universities and university specializations.
Why Are Developing Countries Come to YU?
Yeungnam University is attracting developing countries. In the 1970s, in Korea, the Saemaul Movement was started for eco
Controversies about the YU Keepers
There are some controversies about student corruptions like the overspending of Engineering College and the rigged elect
The Gold Rush? The Bitcoin Rush!
When the American expansion period started, explorers headed west to mine gold because they heard of the enormous amount
Is the EU disjointed?
European Parliament elections were conducted last June, electing European Union (EU) lawmakers for a five year te
Is Restructuring of the College of Liberal Arts Really Necessary?
These days, the restructuring of the College of Liberal Arts is controversial issue at Yeungnam University. Therefore, m
Books And Movies that Move You
Wuthering Heights “Nelly, I am Heathcliff – He’s always, always in my mind – not as a pleasure, any more tha
Book That Moves You
As a university student majoring in English literature, I have read numerous books.I also started to read various kinds
1. This means the awareness of midterm ( ) evaluation is poor. (On Campus 1)2. When there is no featured article for the
Incomplete Consumption, Fast Fashion
Women’s closet always needs clothes. Many clothes in closet, but there are no clothes to wear. These phrases show mankind’s strong desire to wear clothing. We bought and bought clothes to
College Students Experience the Islands of Jindo
Students from various universities including Yeungnam University, Korea National Sports University, Gwangju Health University, Gwangju University, and Mokpo National University took part in event.
A Letter from New York Times
It is within reason to say that the NY Times is just like the living bible to an advanced student of English; there is no equal competitor to the NY Times when maintaining an honorable reputation as a
On Campus News
Prof. Park Jin-ho Received the “24th Best Science Technology Thesis Award”
Park Jin-ho, a YU Chemical Engineering professor, was awarded the “24th Best Science Technology Thesis Award” at the 201
“HowTo” Is Supported by Samsung Electronics
“HowTo,” a scientific research group of Information and Communication Engineering, is chosen to be in a “Samsung Softwar
The Center for Teaching & Learning at YU Implements “Self- learning School” to Improve Students’ Education Effect
The Center for Teaching & Learning at YU will implement the “Self-learning School,” which is a reformed program from the
The Campus Post Office Was Gone and Postal Agency Is Opened
The campus post office at YU was substituted by a postal agency. The campus post office had provided services such as po
General Students’ Association and Humanities Cafeteria Changed Newly
As the operating company of the General Students’ Association Cafeteria and the Humanities Cafeteria changed, they tempo
The “Challenge 1,000” Project Promotes Students’ Health
Yeungnam University will promote its “Challenge 1,000” project to improve students’ health and inspire self-confidence t
“2014 Daegu International Youth Camp” Was Held at YU
Yeungnam University managed the “2014 Daegu International Youth Camp” hosted by Daegu City which was held fr
YU Facilities Changed for Students’ Safety
Some YU facilities changed to improve the safety of students. First, YU renewed its contract with KT
Environmental equipment Workers Strike for Their Rights
Environmental equipment workers who manage boilers, air conditionings and heatings on YU have decided to strike starting
YU Foreign Language Institute has a Foreign Language Counseling Room
YU Foreign Language Institute runs a foreign language counseling room for students. This program began formally this sem
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