On Campus
Korean Language Institute, the Best Place for Foreigners to Study Korean
The YU Korean Language Institute is in the building which can be seen from the YU front gate. We can see many foreign st
YU Business Incubation Center Helps Founders Achieve Their Dreams
Modern society is encountering many changes with the acceleration of globalization and informatization. About this, the
Chunma Art Center, Is It Fool’s Gold?
In Daegu, there are many large concert halls including the Keimyung Art Center, the Daegu Opera House, Kyungpook Nationa
New Way of Donating, Mirinae
Mirinae is a Korean-based word which means a galaxy formed by many stars. It also means paying in advance to donate, or
Is the EU disjointed?
European Parliament elections were conducted last June, electing European Union (EU) lawmakers for a five year te
Is Restructuring of the College of Liberal Arts Really Necessary?
These days, the restructuring of the College of Liberal Arts is controversial issue at Yeungnam University. Therefore, m
Books And Movies that Move You
Wuthering Heights “Nelly, I am Heathcliff – He’s always, always in my mind – not as a pleasure, any more tha
Book That Moves You
As a university student majoring in English literature, I have read numerous books.I also started to read various kinds
What Is Your Dream?
What is your dream? There are few college students who can answer this question easily. People tend to have many different types of dreams such as being a CEO, singer, chef, and astronaut when they we
Personal Media Is Here With You, You Know It?
For quite a few years, personal media also known as Social Networking Services (SNS) has been growing steadily in cyber space with websites like Facebook, AfreecaTV and Wordpress (blog) as they become
How About Going Abroad To Eat?
The saying that “a loaf of bread is better than the song of many birds” makes more sense while abroad. Without money and time, travel schedule of university students is filled with walking from mornin
On Campus News
Prof. Park Ki- yong Is Elected to ASAPE President
Park Ki-yong, a YU special physical education professor is elected to the Asian Society for Adapted Physical Education a
Parking Fee Collecting Booth Is Shifted for Safety
The YU Campus Maintenance team moved the toll gate 300m of the west gate. The section between the west gate and previous
New Scholarship System Take Effect at YU
The proposed scholarship system will be applied after the second semester of 2014. The existing scholarship program prov
YU Is Constructing “Dalseong-gun Town Archive Business”
The YU Office of Research Cooperation Foundation and the Professor Kim Young-dae’s research lab are conducting a project
The Jobyoung Helps Create Resumes and Develop Student Capabilities
The Jobyoung launched a “We Make a Resume for Students at Each College” program. The program will result in job consulta
YU Sophomore Park Jun-seok Awarded the Grand Prize
Park Jun-seok, a sophomore majoring in Painting, was awarded the first prize at the 9th Pohang-Posco Light Art Contest.
Convenient Facilities of Central Library Were Transformed
The first floor and the first basement level of the Central Library lobby were remodeled after the renovation during the
Gyeongbuk Global Exchange Center Opened at YU
Gyeongbuk Global Exchange Center (GGEC) was opened at YU, located in the south of the Gyeongsan campus local dormitory.
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